Level Eater: Bonus Action

Our newest Level Eater fundraiser for PMI happens outdoors at Marz Brewing on September 24. Join us for fantasy adventures and exclusive swag!


Sat, September 24, 2022

2:00 PM CDT


Marz Brewing

3630 S Iron St

Chicago, IL 60609



Level Eater presents new adventures celebrating the fantastical imagery and fabulous weirdness of Dungeons & Dragons with unique opportunities for actual play with friends and neighbors. This is an in-person, outdoor event; we check vaccinations at entry. Exclusive new swag awarded with all ticket purchases. Additional loot and merch available for sale on-site at the event, while supplies last! Tickets tend to sell out fast — so gather your friends for an unforgettable questing party! Our shorter afternoon session offers an introductory experience and a chance to play the thrilling quests from Level Eater 12’s adventure—a great way to learn to play D&D! Our feature session in the evening combines single-table play with event-wide twists that give every player a chance to shine — and a heroic experience to share with fellow attendees! You don’t want to miss this rare autumn adventure: the fate and future of Portsbridge is in your hands! So too is the future of PMI in your hands! All ticket sales will be matched as we try to meet a challenge grant from the Reva & David Logan Foundation. Help us help the lumpen denizens, the artists and media makers in this fair land with Lumpen Magazine, Lumpen Radio, Co-Prosperity, Buddy, Community Kitchen and more- all while having wholesome role playing fun! Level Eater is an unofficial event, not sponsored or overseen by Wizards of the Coast. If you have any questions, please contact us at service@leveleater.com

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SALES CLOSED: 2-hr Dungeons & Dragons Game (2PM - 4PM)


SALES CLOSED: 4-hr Dungeons & Dragons Game (5PM - 9PM)